It began from love...

... to Bieszczady. Who visited already Bieszczady, knows what's the matter. Bewitch with one's own beauty about every time of year. Every wants to come back in Bieszczady not one once. Knowing, that best one can recognize Bieszczady being near them we decided to throw open wooden cottages for every, who wants to feel unrepeatable climate of Bieszczady.
First tourists we entertained in year 2008. From this of time we try to enrich our offer for new positions, which will permit to spend holidays komfortowo and in friendly atmosphere. Greatest trumps is oneself construction of cottages, because wood as natural raw material is ideal material, which warrants natural regulation of moisture and from this of regard assures to inhabitants our cottages healthy microclimate and good frame of mind. Houses from wood have of many advantages, which will confirm who already in them lived. Adding to this nearness of lake we attend, that we found rule on spending holiday in heart Bieszczady.

We invite you

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